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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x14 - Benson’s clock is ticking, as they look for a boy

In last week’s episode, the unit investigates the murder of a young girl who states that her boyfriend’s gang members raped her and forced him to watch. Elsewhere, Benson is sworn in officially becoming a Sergeant and new commanding officer for SVU.

The unit stops at nothing to try and find a missing girl, while Benson takes a test that may change her life.

For the full recap of the last episode, go here.

In this week’s episode, titled “Wednesday’s Child” the unit stops at nothing to try and find a missing girl, while Benson takes a test that may change her life.

The show opens with Benson going to the pharmacy and getting an EPT. Benson is struggling with handling the new attention that comes with being a sergeant. She is upset with the fact that she is not pregnant, despite the fact that Brian is relieved. We have seen Benson go through something like this a while back when she was thinking about a surrogate.

Benson struggles through the rest of the show with biological clock. Dealing with the case and the kids, it’s hard not for her to think about it.

The case begins as a man comes home and learns that his son is missing while his wife was sleeping. The case quickly takes an unexpected turn as the mother becomes the number one prime suspect for the child’s disappearance. The mother admits that she couldn’t handle Nicky anymore because he was too much so she gave him to some mysterious woman, who runs a baby brokerage.

The mysterious woman gives Nicky to a couple who had given her false information. The couple that took Nicky appear to be filed sex offenders. The plot thickens as they learn that the couple has been online taking in a lot of kids from these brokerages. When they get to the safe house, the unit quickly learns just how real and dangerous the case is. The couple has been using the kids to make kiddie porn.

The show makes another turn when the group finds out where the couple is taking the kids, but instead of finding the man (Roger) they find three girls and a baby boy. Benson is able to break the woman when they all learn that Roger has been lying to her for years about not needing a wheelchair but that comes at a cost, as Nicky is missing once again.

We get a happy ending as Benson/Rollins are able to get Nicky in time before he dies.

There has been teasing about a crossover show of Law and Order: SVU and Chicago PD and February 26th we will get that show. There is a serial killer who is on a rampage killing woman in New York and Chicago. Both units have to come together to take the man down.

What did you think of the show?

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