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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x13 - Modern version of West Side Story with dark ending

In last week’s episode, Benson starts her new job as the CO for the SVU and quickly sees how stressful it can be. Amaro keeps pushing Benson for his job back and by the end of the show he gets. Rollins continues to spiral down with her gambling problem and it’s starting to bleed over into her ability to do her job.

In this week's episode, the unit investigates the murder of a young girl who states that her boyfriend’s gang members raped her and forced him to watch

For the full recap of the last episode, go here .

In this week’s episode, titled “Betrayal’s Climax”, the unit investigates the murder of a young girl who states that her boyfriend’s gang members raped her and forced him to watch. Elsewhere, Benson is sworn in officially becoming a Sergeant and new commanding officer for SVU.

The show begins with Benson being sworn in as a Segreant and Cassidy is noticeably missing from the crowd.

Rollins/Finn take a call about a missing 16 year-old girl, named Avery, by her parents. They show them where there is a small blood spot on their bed. Further investigation brings up her boyfriend, Manny. Their relationship was frowned upon by her parents because she was from the Westside and he was from the projects.

Once they find Manny, they learn that he is part of a gang that runs around her neighborhood, the same gang that had killed his brother. He refuses to talk against the gang, but its obvious that he also wants to help Avery.

When Avery points out the three members that raped her, they all said it was consensual but she didn’t want it. She tells Benson/Rollins that she doesn’t want to testify because she kept climaxing during the rape but never did it when her and Manny had sex. She thinks that’s why Manny won’t testify against the gang.

The show once again proves that even after fifteen seasons it can still bring on the twists. Amaro/Finn are able to convince Manny to testify and when he does it causes him to get killed in jail but not before he is able to record his testimony talking about how he knew that the gang was coming over to rape Avery.

The big, suspenseful moment comes towards the end of the show when Benson/Barba are talking to the leader in the gang, OG. They are able to tell him he’s going to jail because of his conversation with his girlfriend on the prison phone. He threatens Benson and she threatens him right back.

Next week, Benson might be getting some good news as the unit races against the clock to find a missing child.

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