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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x12 -Benson struggles with new role as Commanding officer

In last week’s episode Amaro is the center of the show as his good name and career is on the line when he pursues a kid who two cops are going after. He shoots the kid after he thinks the kid shoots at him, but he finds out that it wasn’t the kid. The big surprise of the show actually came at the end when

It's a tension filled show as Amaro tries to get back to work and Benson struggles with her new role

For the full recap of the last episode, go here:

In this week’s episode, titled “Jersey Breakdown”, it’s the first one where Benson is in charge for her first case and of course, it’s not going to be an easy one. Court officials are involved and as anyone knows, when politicians are involved, it’s going to be sticky.

The young girl/victim, named Claire, is an orphan who works with some shady people trying to get some money for food and for shelter. At the club, she gets raped and she doesn’t want to pursue charges because she knows it will cost her the job and home.

The club owner where the victim works, Perry Cannavaro (Chaz Palminteri A Bronx Tale), is less then helpful with the police and pretty much stone walls them. He is protecting his club and knows that if she talks about being raped, then it would look bad for the club. So in order to get what he wants, he pays off an official to arrest Claire for sex trafficking and making sure New York can’t extradite her. At the end of the show, we learn why Perry paid off the judge. It was because it was the DA for Jersey that had raped Claire.

The more that the squad investigate, the deeper that the case gets. They keep pulling back layers and seeing that Perry’s influence is deep. Barba keeps getting stonewalled every time he tries to get the victim to go back to New York and things keeping ‘popping’ up as well.

While investigating, the squad learns that the governor and the judge is involved and they are taking kickbacks for sending juvenile kids to a jail that gets paid from the government for each kid they have in their jail. At least that’s what they thought until after the judge ‘mysteriously’ kills himself and they find him in possession of pictures of him with young girls.

Benson has a hard job ahead of her as she has to get the squad to follow under her lead. Amaro is still on desk duty, itching to get out; and Rollins has something going on that’s suspicious and keeping her from scenes. Which we learn later is that she is back at her addiction to gambling. Amaro notices that there is something off with her and tries to talk to Finn about it, but he defends Rollins (naturally) considering what just happened with Amaro.

A positive and minor side of the show, Amaro has been using his desk duty effectively (at least in his personal life) as he tells Benson that he’s going to try and work things out with his wife Maria. We know that they got separated last season and she went to DC for a job in the government. If they do work it out, it could either mean a long distance relationship or Maria finding her way back to New York.

It’s official that the show is going to be doing a crossover show with Chicago P.D. where Finn and Rollins go to Chicago to investigate a case. They are shooting the show now, so we should expect to see the show probably sometime in February.

Towards the end of the show, we see Benson stressing out from the job. It’s obvious that the number and stress of the decisions are starting to weigh down on her and the fact that she now needs two bottles of wine to get through the night.

In next week’s show, it looks it’s a love story gone wrong as a boyfriend turns on his girlfriend and she gets raped. And it has an a big twist ending that we won’t see coming.

What did you think of the show?

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