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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x10 “Pscyho/Therapist”: The SAVE BENSON final chapter

In tonight’s show, we get the final chapter of the SAVE BENSON series that took place during the Season 14 finale and Season 15 opener. William Lewis (played by Pablo Schreiber) is on trial for what happened with Benson and no doubt what she did will be brought up on trial.

Benson must face her attacker. William Lewis, in court, and he resorts to legal tricks once again.

There is a lot of twists and turns that we have seen from the first two episodes continue in this episode. Lewis lays it on thick tomorrow as he tries to get acquitted for what he did.

Benson’s statement comes a head as she has to try and keep her lie about what she did to Lewis from the trial and the jury so that he doesn’t get off once again. No doubt that the outcome is going to change her for a long time to come.

This will probably not be the last time that we see Lewis. He is a very complex and interesting character to watch and he will probably be back to cause more havoc for the squad especially Benson.

A recap of the last episode:

Here is the summary of tonight‘s show (Charter): Benson must face her attacker. William Lewis, in court, and he resorts to legal tricks once again.

The show opens with Benson talking with her psychiatrist. When the session comes to an end, her psychiatrist kisses her and then Lewis shows up with a gun pointing at her hand. Benson wakes up and is in court, getting ready for Lewis’s trial.

Benson is on her way home and keeps seeing Lewis. At home, she pulls the gun on Brian (played by Dean Winters) and she feels guilty.

The group is talking about helping Benson. Barba is getting them ready for the media. After Barba leaves, Kragen tells Rollins and Amaro that they need to make up. Rollins apologizes.

Barba is arguing against to keep charges together, but Defense wins. Lewis makes a comment about how he’s got problems with his left ear because of the beating he received. After the judge speaks, you see the giant scar on his face. The Defense goes to Barba with a deal.

Barba brings the deal to Benson about how Lewis will admit to raping her. Benson says she doesn’t him to. Barba says that they are going to use her retaliation as excessive force. He tells her to make sure not to deviate from her official statement.

After jury selection, Lewis says that he wants to be his own lawyer, The judge agrees but his current attorney has to stay on to help him.

The squad comes to talk to Benson and offer support.

Finn is on the stand. When Lewis is questioning him, he gets Finn to slip about telling CSU to be extra careful.

Rollins is on the stand. She tells the jury that his old lawyer’s mother told her that he raped her. During cross, Lewis talks about her arresting him from the park scene. He asks if they were framing him.

Amaro is on the stand. He talks about the officer. During cross, he brings up the interrogation of Benson/Amaro and him and how she sexualized the interrogation.

The squad is having dinner when Barba comes to talk to Benson. He talks to her about the maid, Ms. Nunez, and her daughter going on the defense witness list. Benson tells Barba about how she told them to leave.

Benson is on the stand. She says the same statement that she told the police about how Lewis got free. Lewis says he won’t question her now, but at a later time.

Ms. Nunez, is on the stand. He brings up Benson’s comment about immigration taking her daughter away. Ms. Nunez admits that Benson said that.

A doctor is telling the court about Lewis’s injuries. Lewis tries to make the point of excessive force.

Lewis asks for a recess because of his injuries.

Benson is talking to his psychiatrist. She is afraid that her lie is going to blow up in court. Benson is feeling guilty about lying, and her psychiatrist makes her see that if she doesn’t fight the lie then Lewis could go free.

Benson is back on the stand. He tries to talk about her family and the judge stops his line of question. He tells him to stay on point with her professional career and the 4 days. Lewis talks to Benson about her job. She admits that she froze when Lewis was in her apartment. He says that she didn’t resist and uses that line of questioning. He brings up what they talked about when he was handcuffed. He keeps pushing but Benson stick with her story.

Barba/Benson talking at a bar. She says she knows that the jury knows she lied. Barba says that he’s confident with his line of questioning against Lewis.

Next day in court, Lewis says he’s not going on stand.

Closing arguments. Lewis first. He brings up Benson and her obsession with him and how she beat him.

The squad is talking. Rollins gets a call that the jury reached a verdict.

Lewis gets found guilty for kidnapping and assault on an officer but not guilty on attempted murder and rape.

Benson goes into an empty staircase and cries.

4 months later. Lewis is on a stretched seeming having a seizure. His doctor says that she is going to get him out before squeezing his hand. Lewis then smiles to the camera.

Next week it’s going to be an Amaro show as he gets himself in trouble when he shoots a 14 year-old kid who he thought had a gun. But the problem is, they can’t find the kid’s gun.

What did you think of the show?

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