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Lavenders, apricots, and mints ... oh my!

Concealer Wheels
Ben Nye
Concealer Wheels Ben Nye
Provide by FX Supply Company:

You have just purchased this concealer palette or wheel and now what. There are mints, lavenders, apricots, skin tone colors, possibly a highlighter yet what does this all have to do with you. Bottom line you just want to look your best. 

Let's explore some basic knowledge that will help you maneuver through the color mazes of different palettes. 


  • Mints  * Neutralizes redness. This is also the recommended color for individuals with rosacea

  • Salmon or Apricots * Reduces or eliminates blue and brightens the dark areas fairly well

  • Lavenders and Lilacs * Neutralizes yellow skin. It provides an added boost as it lightens and revives dull, olive tones while it also helps in efforts to correct yellow bruising.

  • White * Its only purpose is to serve as a highlighter.

  • Alabaster * Disguises dark circles on warm skin tones

  • Skin tone colors are self explanatory. Try to get tones that are at least a shade lighter than your actual skin tone. For contouring purposes and if you do not use powders to do so, get a shade darker for areas of contouring Lighter shades should be applied around the the eyes, the bridge of the nose, forehead, around upper lip and chin area. 

In your strives to present the best of yourself, this article should make those color choices less cumbersome and have given you a clear and concise range of the use and application of each color. 


If you have any questions you can always contact Beauty Editor Katrina Currie via email at or 


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    always wondered what the green one was for... thanks

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