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Lavender-colored crab baffles scientists: Results of Fukushima nuclear disaster?

A lavender-colored red crab is dropping the jaws of everyone who sees this creature. This lavender-colored crab isn’t just sporting a hint of lavender, it's blazing with a bright and very startling lavender.

Lavender-colored crab caught in Bering Sea and it has folks scratching their heads today.
Japan Today/ Facebook

According to Grind TV, on Jan. 31, many are calling this freak of nature a “good omen.” Scientific minds are assuming it’s due to some type of mutation, but folks in the wholesale crab business in Japan are as baffled as anyone else on how this creature came to be lavender.

The bright lavender crab was caught off Russia in the Bering Sea. It was then shipped with a batch of red crabs to Hokkaido, where all the buzz started around the color. Biologist in Australia believe that this lavender crab might be the result of the crab's diet.

The Australian scientists also speculate that it could possibly a mutation causing a lack of pigment, as red crabs are supposed to be red. It has been seen in lobsters before, as a rare blue lobster catch hit the news last summer, as reported by the CBC News in June.

The theories online are running rampant with the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster as a front runner in assumptions! Whatever turned this regular red crab into a psychedelic-looking creature may never be known, but the crab isn’t going on anyone’s table anytime soon.

The ocean beauty is being kept alive and it’s on display and under observation at Marusan Ocean Foods.

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