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LAUSDeasy, Watch out, It’s coming!

Huge increases in all class sizes.

Elimination of school librarians.

Art and Music teachers laid off.

Custodial and clerical staff greatly reduced.

Itinerant specialist positions decimated.

School repairs on waiting lists for years.


To pay for student’s computers!

To pay for lost, broken, and new computers.

To pay for keyboards.

To pay for software.

To pay for WiFi repairs at the schools.

Since they cannot take more money for computers from the construction/repair bond funds, it must come from the general budget.

Therefore, cuts everywhere—cuts that affect your childrens' education and future--will come from the general funds.

I feel like Henny Penny warning you that “The Sky is Falling”.

What can we do? With the composition of the current school board and the leadership of the Superintendent, nothing. The faces may change, but their modus operandi remains the same, year after year, board after board, superintendent after superintendent.

Out with the old, permanently, and in with people, not politicians, who are there for the students and who put the students first.

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