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LAUSD teachers drive Yugos; downtown administrators drive Lexus

(an exaggeration from my imagination)

The teachers of LAUSD have gone 7 years without a raise—even a cost of living one.

LAUSD owns a high-rise office building downtown.

The teachers have been forced to take furlough days, which is a pay cut.

It is estimated that at least 10 floors of the downtown headquarters contain superfluous positions that could be eliminated and there would no effect on the students or teachers of the district.

Class sizes have increased. This is not a factory overseas where employees must increase their output to a higher quota or the buyer will use a different factory. Teachers need to reach every student every day. The more students in the class the less time each receives and there is more paperwork for the teachers.

The employees downtown work in a pleasant environment with clean restrooms and adequate time to use them and adequate time to eat.

Teachers deal with students, parents, staff, and school administrations.

The rare times that downtown administrators bother to visit schools, the schools set up the ideal class for them to visit.

The school district owns a television station—land, building, license, and equipment—cars for the administrators (the superintendent has a driver), and there are rumors that there is a district ship housed at the harbor.

For decades the district has had satellite offices throughout the county of Los Angeles. Finally, they are moving some of them to empty classrooms, when they should have been eliminated.

The administrators of LAUSD—the superintendent and his staff, the school board members, the downtown and local office bureaucrats make the top down decisions without consulting the people their decisions will affect:

Starting school in August; the latest computer system which so far has been a failure; buying iPads with no real plan instead of repairing and renovating the schools; building campuses atop old contaminated fields (in one case after spending 100’s of millions of dollars in construction costs, the school could not be used); the choice of textbooks; teachers jails; and the list goes on.

If the district, the politicians, the traditional media, the billionaires, the community organizations, and large local businesses weren’t all in bed together, there would have been massive investigations and heads would roll.

What is wrong with this picture?

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