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LAUSD senior teachers, watch out!

It is a brand new school year. Check out your class composition. Is it a difficult class? Does it have many behavior problem students? Does it contain the lowest scoring students for your grade?

LAUSD wants to get rid of you before you reach retirement age and achieve lifetime benefits.

The administration of your school can make your life miserable, no matter what the grade, not matter what the subject matter. Secondary teachers can even be assigned to teach a subject that have never taught and have never been trained to teach.

They can stack your class. Various members of the administration can drop in frequently, then find issues, and call you in for a one sided conference.

They can assign you the lowest scoring students and then get on your case when their test scores remain stagnant.

They will not provide assistance with even the most serious behavior problems. If a parent complains about you, the administration will support the parents’ side and make sure other parents know about it.

They can ignore you and put you down at faculty meetings, attempting to ostracize you from your colleagues.

They will get the word out about you among the parents, the staff, the students, and the community.

They will look for the slightest issue in an attempt to get you off the campus and into a teachers’ jail where you will sit for months or even years without knowing why you are there. They hope that you will then give up and quit.

Watch out! During the school year when a new student arrives and the student is low, has behavior issues or attendance issues, speaks little or no English or has special needs, that student will assuredly be assigned to you.

They don’t care about your experience, your fine reputation, your high test scores, your mentoring of new teachers, the unpaid time that you put in with your students or in extra curricular activities.

If downtown wants you out, the principal and his or her assistants will work to get you out, otherwise they may be out.

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