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LAUSD School Board Special Election

Election to Fill Vacancy
Election to Fill Vacancy

LAUSD School Board to Hold A Special Election

At the Schools with Audrey Linden

At the evening meeting of the LAUSD Board of Education, the members voted to hold a special election to fill Marguerite La Motte’s vacant seat. The vote was four to two with Monica Ratliff and Bennett Kayser as the two votes opposing the special election. There were many speakers before the Board on Tuesday and more than one hundred addressed the issue.

The choices were to either appoint someone to represent District 1 until the regular election in 2015 or to hold a special election. The special election could be held as soon as June or as late as November. There is some question if someone can be appointed as a successor until the special election so Ms. La Motte’s District has a voice on the seven member Board. The cost of the special election is 2.5 million dollars and that will come from the general fund.

Maxine Waters and Karen Bass favored an appointment and wanted it to go to George Mc Kenna, retired LAUSD District Administrator. Mark Ridley-Thomas and Herb Wesson, L. A. City Council President wanted the election.

Another candidate is Genethia Hudley-Hayes, who held the District 1 seat for one term before she was unseated by Marguerite La Motte. Recently, Hayes was a special trustee for Compton College and has served eight years as a fire commissioner and was president for seven of those eight years.

Jimmy Woods Gray, an advocate for teachers who is with UTLA would serve the interim if appointed.

This seat has been a swing vote as Ms.La Motte, who was a strong supporter of teachers and students often was at odds with Superintendent Deasy. If another strong supporter of teachers is elected, the dissention could continue.

The Board will decide next week if there can be an appointment made for the time until an election.

Marguerite La Motte, who had served ten years until her passing was one-of-a-kind. She was outspoken and strong and unwavering in her beliefs. Her public memorial will be January 18th. For information on the time and location, go to UTLA’s web site

Audrey Linden

Educational Reporter

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