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LAUSD’s Breakfast in the Classroom is a horrific waste of resources and time

The Food:

The children were served juice and coffee cake on one day and quesadillas and bananas the next. Calories and more calories. They are trying to create healthier children while serving them high caloric food and feeding most a second breakfast.

The Students:

90% of those surveyed already ate breakfast at home. Yet, most still ate again. The few who weren’t eating had to read while they waited for the others to eat. This was in elementary school. I imagine that in secondary schools, those who are not eating are checking their phones or listening to music through their headphones.

The lost time:

Depending on the age group—remember that Kindergarteners eat slowly—20 or more minutes of instruction time is lost.

The Parents:

There is now a petition to “Give parents the right to OPT OUT of the LAUSD Breakfast in the Classroom Program and work to move the program OUT of classrooms and into the Cafeteria.”

The Cleanup:

The students have to take their food remnants and wrappers outside to a trash can.

The leftovers:

Cleanly wrapped food and drink remain, where does it go?

The cost:

Where is the money coming from to feed everyone?

The Teachers:

The teachers were not asked to do this—they were told to do this. They are not happy with the loss of prime instructional time and with more work not related to learning.

The solution:

Resume serving breakfast only before school. Anyone who is late to school must pick up their breakfast, bring it to class and eat when the lesson is over, at recess or between classes.

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