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LAUSD Museum To Open Its Doors To The Public For First Time

The museum includes a display featuring LAUSD historical artifacts and representations of Angelenos over the last century, along with a late 19th Century classroom with desks, a map, a blackboard and other furnishings and materials that date to the school district’s early era, according to officials.

Also believed to be on display are downtown administrators who seem to have been on their jobs since the 19th century. These administrators are so entrenched in their bureaucracy that they haven’t visited any schools since the last century.

“The doors of the original Heritage Schoolhouse will also be on display. The old Vernon Avenue Schoolhouse, built in 1884, functioned until the 1930s.”

Some of the other LAUSD schools are from the 1920’s and 1930’s and really need help ranging from repairs to reconstruction. However, their needs are on a district wide list of over 50,000 repairs needed.

In case you missed it, the general electorate (you and I) voted for a bond that would repair and construct schools. The money was diverted by the Superintendent and the Board of Education (whose members we voted for to represent us and our children) in order to purchase iPads.

LAUSD will never be able to pass another bond in this century.

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