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LAUSD Board, Administrators, Superintendent, what have you done for the students

You unilaterally decided to begin the school year in the middle of August. Not all classrooms are air conditioned and students must still have Physical Education and move outside between classrooms.

You haven’t repaired, replaced, or remodeled—instead you overpaid for ipads with untested software and you have no plan.

You order test after test and test. Students lose so much instructional time for testing, for practice testing, and for teaching to the test. Teachers must follow instructional pacing plans that provide no time for review or remediation, skills mastery, enrichment and challenge or group thinking and cooperative learning. This one size fits all approach does not take into consideration that each student learns at a different pace and in a variety of learning modalities.

Some of the school board members have no educational background. Some follow the lead of the Superintendent who taught for a total of 3 years in a non public school and who is closing classes for special needs students.
Many of the district administrators were teachers, then principals. They have advanced, not by being good, but by playing the game and toeing the line. These same administrators have no feel for the schools, rarely visit them, and forgot what it was like in the schools two seconds after they left them.

You increased class sizes in order to pay for the tests and practice materials. You laid off library aides, custodians, clerks, classrooms assistants, Art and Music teachers, and classroom teachers.

It isn’t the teachers who should be questioned, treated like shit, and incarcerated. How about everyone downtown being force to answer the question:

what have you done for the students of LAUSD?


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