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LAUSD and Los Angeles Truths

LAUSD is still a racially divided district with have and have not schools.

The only thing worse than the conditions of Los Angeles’ streets are the conditions of its sidewalks and alleys.

Breakfast in the LAUSD classroom is just another headache foisted and forced upon the teachers of LAUSD.

The widening of the 405 may never be done, and it should never have been planned as they should be constructing tracks for Metro trains on it instead.

Members of the LAUSD school board care about votes in future elections, not students.

The Superintendent of LAUSD never taught in a public school and apparently only taught for three years.

Everyday there are LAUSD teachers who travel into areas that mail carriers, meter readers, and police and fireman fear to tread.

Hundreds of LAUSD veteran teachers are in teacher jails without knowing why they are there. All of them are near the top of the payroll and close to retirement benefits that will cost the district significant dollars.

UTLA, the teachers’ union, does nothing, and I mean nothing for the teachers in teacher jails. It is a totally ineffective union that just collects monthly union dues from the teachers.

LAUSD schools need repairs from chairs to plumbing to ceilings to a wide myriad of things, but the bond money specified for repairs and construction is being used for iPads and they make the plans up as they go along.

Pictures and descriptions of the deplorable physical conditions of LAUSD schools can be found at “Facebook” page “Repairs Not iPads”.

In times of a drought or anytime, Los Angeles’ homes need rain harvesting programs to collect rainwater from rooftops to be used on gardens, lawns, driveways, and patios.

If they eliminated 90% of the superfluous testing and test preparation, they would have more time than if they added hours to the school days, and days to the school year.

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