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Lauren Graham says she would love to do a 'Gilmore Girls' movie

Lauren Graham played the always-drinking-coffee mom in "The Gilmore Girls."
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

On March 25 Latinos Post shares a Reddit AMA with Lauren Graham of "Parenthood." While "Parenthood" wasn't the subject of conversation, her famous role of Lorelei Gilmore was.

Graham says that she misses the writing on "Gilmore Girls" even though it's been seven years now since the show ended. While the long speeches were somewhat of a challenge to remember the writing was fun and the cast was fun to work with. Melissa McCarthy and Alexis Bledel will always be some of her favorite people because of their time together, and Graham and Bledel actually still get together whenever they can for lunch or shopping.

When asked about doing a "Gilmore Girls" movie or special to see where the ladies' lives have lead them, Graham says that she would absolutely love to play that role again as it was special to her. Lauren explains that Lorelei was very similar to herself so it was an easy part to play. She is the person that drinks coffee all day long, and she has even learned to incorporate "huzzah" into her daily speech after saying it so many times on "Gilmore Girls."

Would you watch a "Gilmore Girls" movie if it were to come to the big screen?

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