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Lauren Goodger defends sex tape on Twitter: 'It’s a six-second clip'

English TV star Lauren Goodger defended her six-second sex Vine on Twitter.
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Lauren Goodger, the 27-year-old English TV personality with a vast resume, could now add quickie porn star to her list of achievements. The model/beautician/singer/salon owner defended her “leaked” sex tape in a series of Twitter posts reported Heat Celeb News on Thursday.

Goodger has posted a generous amount of tweets regarding the apparent six-second Vine video of Lauren performing oral sex on her ex-boyfriend. Lauren Goodger defended the clip that has been labeled a sex tape stating, “Just for the record…Cos some people don’t get it! I haven’t made a sex tape, it’s an intimate six-sec clip of me and my ex-boyfriend of two years.” Yes folks, let’s not get carried away, this isn’t Farrah Abraham’s so-called “I didn’t know a complete ‘Back-Door’ sex video was being recorded of me and a well-known porn star.” The sex tape allegations have infuriated Lauren Goodger so that she also posted a warning to the media and press on Twitter, “Anyone asking can we see it and where is it? You can't and anyone who tries to post it will get reported to the police.”

According to the Daily Mail the sex footage of Lauren Goodger was taken in secret by her ex-boyfriend Jake McLean at the couple’s Epping home. The TV star went on to claim that her ex contacted her the day before she had seen the oral Vine video, but she ignored him. Unfortunately for Goodger, McLean wasn’t just trying to reconnect. A friend contacted her the next day and explained the video had gone viral. Lauren’s first reaction was one of shock and embarrassment; she feared what the public would think. But, then she realized it was a sex act with a former boyfriend and “what they were doing wasn’t wrong.”

Lauren Goodger is currently only concerned if family members come across the six-second sex video, a fear she reiterated on Twitter with, “It's a criminal offense to tout indecent images of people to papers, mags, websites, social media etc. without their permission, #rantover.” She told the tabloids she isn’t going to let this “stress her out” and wouldn’t know why people would want her “video on their phone.” Lauren Goodger finished her tirade with, “Kill me now, I gave my boyfriend a blowjob!”

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