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Lauren Conrad wants Nigerian school girls brought home

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Lauren Conrad has become one of the latest celebrities Tuesday via The Little Market's Instagram to join in the campaign to bring 276 girls Nigerian girls after being kidnapped by terrorists. Lauren is joined along with The Little Market co-founder and good friend, Hannah Taylor to help bring these innocent girls back home to their families before it's too late.

Lauren & Hannah do their part in the effort in a very & effective simple way, they hold up a sign simply saying to the world "Bring Back Our Girls." Lauren too have very good reason not to give smiles in this photo along with Hannah, given that some girls were already sold as brides for as little as $12, and others forced to marry their abductors.

The latest CNN report today tells that Nigeria president, Goodluck Jonathan says they have not ignored this serious issue like the rest of the media has assumed. Jonathan also strongly emphasized his country is not the American media, where it talks about the story all the time, but it doesn't mean something is not being done.

Response from the Nigerian government according to Jonathon spokeperson, Doyin Okupe has been that 2 special battalions have been devoted to the search for the missing girls. The effort involves scouring 250 locations via helicopters & airplanes with additional troops also on the way in hopes of finding these girls a lot sooner.

On an unrelated note, today has a few good recipes for deviled eggs and a detailed piece about 3 ways to style the little black dress. But given the seriousness Lauren & Hannah deliver for the case of the kidnapped Nigerian girls, those light pieces are the farthest thing from Lauren & everyone else concerned about these children.

It is a cruel and unacceptable practice that girls, women, and children are treated like collateral damage so another country or government can achieve optimal power. There are better ways to preserve every single race, sex, animal, and human being living on this planet, otherwise we will lose something precious called our civilization.