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Lauren Conrad tells what makes spring perfect

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad went on record today, March 19 at giving her insight on what's needed to make spring as sunny as possible not holding back recommendations.

Lauren's simple ingredients include a dash of delicious green juice, 2 cups of lazy Saturdays at the beach, a handful of chic spring sunnies, 3 tablespoons of beautiful flower arrangements, and tasty spring salads.

Plus, fashionable scalloped edges, 4 cups of spring cleaning, 2 scoops of sunscreen, an impromtu road trip, and a Sunday morning farmer's market visit mixed together to make for one perfect spring.

And who can forget the all important spring break Lauren too dishes on today with a list to pack all important essentials like suitcase, sunglasses, sandals, headphones, neutral shorts, hat, and a suimsuit of course.

Also of interest, Kristin Cavallari talked with The Huffington Post Friday March 14 about once again being compared to Lauren Conrad now that Kristin's hosting a new show on E! called "The Fabulist."

Kristin responds saying the comparisons have been part of Kristin's career since day one, though Kristin feels the media treats her differently now that she's a mother, and it would be hard to picture Kristin Cavallari as the bad girl she was once portrayed as.

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