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Lauren Conrad talks nail health at Refinery29

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Lauren Conrad reels in another piece from Refinery29 Thursday, February 27 on the importance of one's nails, and what colors read about your health when the nail polish is stripped.

First and foremost, Lauren encourages every lady out there to take a vacation from nail polish for about a week or so as a way to correct any health problem one has with their nails, or even their body.

The yellowish nail mean someone's been wearing dark nail polish for a long time, being polish free for a few days just may do the trick, but see a doctor if yellow is around more than a week or if nails are swelling.

Peeling nails are the result of 2 things, either a long exposure to water or cold air, or one is lacking a nutrient called linoleic acid in their diet (find linoleic in olive oil, sesame oil, or peanut oil.)

The ever-popular brittle nails comes next and are caused usually by an iron deficiency (solve by eating dark leafy green veggies & eggs, plus biotin) and excessive water exposure, but see a doctor remedies don't work.

Finally, Lauren Conrad exposes bluish nail which is the result of not getting enough oxygen, one must see a doctor no matter what for this blue nail condition.

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