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Lauren Conrad tackles winter skin at Refinery29

Lauren Conrad deals with the lagging issue of winter skin.
Lauren Conrad deals with the lagging issue of winter skin.
Refinery29, Lauren Conrad, and Instagram

Lauren Conrad dealt with the tough seasonal issue of winter skin tonight, January 23 at Refinery29 providing helpful ways one can avoid this inevitable cold curse.

Lauren starts at the necessary source being the inside of one's body where one must be on a diet of vitamin e (berries), vitamin c (spinach), and zinc (nuts) as it is good for the skin.... at the immune system.

Next, Lauren refers to the oils of nature as a way to nourish one's face, oily skin gets coconut oil or blended grapeseed oil, dry skin gets jojoba, olive oil, and rose essential oil, and irritated seeks chamomile, calendula, and jojoba.

Exfoliation comes next in tackling the winter skin disease dealing with dry & dull skin expelling dead skin cells so we can produce more collagen to regenerate new skin cells.

That process involves consulting with a skin doctor to see how many times a week one must exfoliate their skin, and using the proper oils qualified to deal with certain types of skin.

Lauren too also brought her piece about wedding invitations at Refinery29 Thursday, January 16 to today giving us a reminder of how to conduct ourselves when inviting others to a wedding.

And Lauren Conrad just announced at "The Little Market" they'll be heading south to Guatemala and asking they're fellow "TLM" visitors for suggestions on their exciting trip.

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