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Lauren Conrad speaks on fashion and eating healthy

Oh how I miss The Hills on MTV. Once a week I would isolate myself to the 30 minutes of pure serenity that took me through the ups and downs and drama surrounding the new designer. The Hills were a girl's best friend. Since the reality show, Lauren Conrad has been successfully designing clothes for her line LC and releasing several books such as L.A. Candy.

Why we love Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conran
Lauren Conrad, Cosmo

The former reality star did a Q&A with USMagazine via twitter where fans got to read along on what is in store for LC in 2014. Check out the tips and happenings with best selling author via USM transcript:

Q: @usweekly A New Year usually involves new resolutions. What are you doing to have the best year yet? #LCChatsWithUs

A: I have a 2014 bucket list. I'll write down the top 10 things I want to do and put together a timeline to get it all done! …and making sure to celebrate the moments that really count and of course toast to them with @MalibuRumUS cocktails #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @EmzyPlatt Hi Lauren do you think Double denim is acceptable?

A: I hope so… I'm wearing it in your profile pic ;-)

Q: @usweekly We love ourselves a good party. Any fun home entertaining tips and tricks for our readers for the New Year? #LCChatsWithUs

A: I love setting up a cocktail bar with fun mixers and garnishes! @maliburumus and paper straws are always a staple! #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @usweekly Speaking of cocktails, what is your go-to cocktail when entertaining at home? #LCChatsWithUs

A: For winter gatherings I have been serving my #MalibuIslandSpiced cider recipe from @laurenconradcom So good! #LCChatsWithUS

Q: paolazigoni how are your beautiful dogs Chloe and Fritz?? #LCChatsWithUs

A: They are great! Thanks for asking :-) Fitz actually came to the office with me today and he says Hi! #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @SBOND700 Hi Lauren,what advice do you have for a current fashion student vying to have a successful career in the industry? #LCChatsWithUS

A: A good internship helps! It's never too early to start making relationships and building a resume r#LCChatsWithUS

Q: @usweekly We have to ask, what are you most looking forward to this year? #LCChatsWithUs

A: So much! It's going to be a great year :-) #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @VanessaCerilli what inspired you to write all your books?

A: Mostly my different interests and experiences #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @exhale_ocean how is your new year going so far? #LCChatsWithUS

A: Great! Thanks for asking!

Q: @LaurenT59809592 How often do you go back to laguna? And do your family still live there? X

A: All the time! I love it there :-) #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @usweekly how do you keep your skin so healthy in the dry winter? #LCChatsWithUs

A: A good exfoliating cleanser is a must and I swear by Egyptian Magic. #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @HilaryHeino What is your go to day lipstick? #LCChatsWithUS

A: I almost never wear lipstick during the day, but for nights I go hot pink or red.

Q: @usweekly Do you have tips for throwing parties for the Super Bowl or awards season? #LCChatsWithUs

A: I love a healthy version of super bowl snacks. I make yummy cauliflower baked in hot sauce in lieu of hot wings…I also make a pitcher of light #malibuislandspiced cocktails for everyone. Yum! #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @usweekly What's the number one must have item in your closet this winter? #LCChatsWithUs

A: I have been stocking up on grey sweaters! They go with everything. #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @usweekly What do you do to stay fit in the winter? #LCChatsWithUs

A: Luckily California is nice year round so my routine doesn't change much. Gym, Hiking and watching what I eat ( and drink) #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @chelscagle what nail polish color trends are you seeing for the upcoming spring? #LCChatsWithUS

A: So much sparkle! I'm pretty thrilled :-) #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @swiftlovaticx will you write more books? Cause they're amazing! #LCChatsWithUs

A: Well thank you!! Yes! I plan on writing another one soon… #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @MissSariBrooke what is your go-to outfit for travel? #LCChatsWithUS

A: Skinnies, a sweater, a giant scarf and comfortable shoes. #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @haleyd2point0 do you use any anti-aging/wrinkle-free creams and if so which are your favorites? #LCChatsWithUS

A: I use an eye cream, but I have a few. I think different ones work for different people. #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @KylieJennersWay will you be coming to London anytime soon? :)xx #LCChatsWithUS

A: I wish #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @carterdrew12 do you like pizza #LCChatsWithUS

A: no. I love pizza ;-) #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @LadyCarolina48 hey Lauren I think u r beautiful. How r u?Do you have a favorite color or even a number? How tall r u? #LCChatsWithUS

A: Blush, #7 and 5 foot 6 inches. #LCChatsWithUS

Q: @usweekly Finally, @LaurenConrad Happy Almost Birthday! How will you be celebrating this year? #LCChatsWithUs

A: Thank you!! With all my friends :-) We are having a Birthday Hoe Down! #LCChatsWithUS

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