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Lauren Conrad reunites with Lo Bosworth


Lauren Conrad got together with her longtime BFF, Lo Bosworth in New York, New York Monday as she alongside Jilly Hendrix took a bunch of selfies, one of them are on Lauren's Instagram today. Before Team LC at or The Little Market's Hannah Taylor got privilege to be in Lauren's presence, Lo Bosworth was a constant near Lauren since childhood.


Lauren & Lo were bobbsey twins once again meeting up for dinner to have a good time for what could have been a joyful reunion. Nothing but smiles came from Lauren, Lo, and Jilly having dinner pulling out the wonderful iPhone to get the selfies going at a non-stop pace.

Lauren, Lo, and Jilly did have their own style of blouse to avoid match embarrassment with Lauren wearing a gray button down blouse on the left. Lo on the right wore what appeared to be a beige cashmere sweater, and Jilly in the middle had short sleeve horizontal black & white stripes.

Today at, Lauren devoted this week's Tuesday 10 to June Style Tips being squared necklines, white button-downs, birkenstocks, slit dresses, and a two-piece comeback. More June looks include straw hats not limited to the beach, slip-on espadrilles, woven beach bags, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico couture, and rings for the summer.

Also today, Lauren pulls out the recipe box once again having an avocado, tomato, and hearts of palm salad for that crisp, refreshing taste of summer. With a little olive oil and truffle salt, this salad is so delicious and a great way to obtain healthy oils and fats for the body.

BFF (best friends forever) is a term that oversaturated pop culture back in 2008 and a few years more, and still popular today though on a more managable level. No matter how it's defined or what it ends up being dubbed years from now, Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth will always be friends until the end.

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