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Lauren Conrad protest against her own bachelorette party

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Lauren Conrad told the world today on her Twitter page she did something she thought she'd never do, leave a bachelorette party thrown for her because The Office restaurant in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico prohibits gays. Lauren evidently has a warm spot in her heart for homosexuals because she knows people in the fashion industry who've chosen that lifestyle.

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Lauren says The Office had a little ceremony they do called couples games, the only problem according to Lauren was same sex couples were not allowed to participate. So Lauren went into activist mode strutting herself out from the premises presumably taking her posse of friends with her putting the restaurant's unfair policies on notice.

After Lauren stated that she just had to walk out, Lauren made use of her Twitter page displaying 2 hashtags like #equality, and #stopthehate to start a movement. Lauren got nothing but praise for her stand against The Office from fellow Twitter participants, and one from good friend, Lo Bosworth.

Outside of bachelorette party drama, Team Lauren at are holding things down domestically with Chic of the Week celebrating summer's arrival tomorrow with scalloped shorts. Friday Favorites too has toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice cream, Thursday's offerings include Lauren's summer reading list & must own shoe styles for summer.

What right does The Office have to set their own discrimination policies against homosexuals wanting to have a good time at their own establishment, a good handful of the gay community descends to Mexico for vacation. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (let alone The Office) just did themselves a great big disservice for tourism in the long-term as they will lose revenue.

Lauren Conrad did herself a great big enhancement to her career walking out of an establishment that can bring her huge controversy and a truckload of backlash. As for Mexico, someone needs to sovereign the heck out of that country bringing it a new physical economy changing its infrastructure so it will bring their residents jobs & a new culture where #equality exist.