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Lauren Conrad never dated Brody Jenner

Photo Courtesy of Zimbio, used with permission

Lauren Conrad's ex-boyfriend, Brody Jenner revealed something that changes everything one thought about Lauren & Brody, they were not in a relationship, as Brody said Thursday on his new podcast at Podcast One. While Lauren was on "The Hills", Lauren appeared to have dated Brody for a time there, but it just ended up being for the cameras.

In a list of girls Brody dated, Brody plainly said he and Lauren had not dated whatsoever in their time on "The Hills", but Brody had to pretend he was dating Lauren because MTV told him to. However, Brody did say he and Lauren were good friends that worked together on "The Hills", and that Perez Hilton got the facts wrong about him and Lauren.

What is true about Brody's dating life is that he did actually date Kristin Cavallari while Kristin was on "Laguna Beach" back in 2004 & 2005. At the time, Brody was filming a reality TV show of his own called "Princes of Malibu" with his former best friend, Spencer Pratt.

But when Brody and Kristin did work together on "The Hills" back in 2009 & 2010, they never dated when the cameras were turned off. Again, it appeared Brody & Kristin were getting close to hooking up on episodes of "The Hills", but even the MTV cameras ended up not bring the 2 together toward "The Hills's" end.

In Lauren's corner today on this Fourth of July, Lauren celebrates Independence Day at with Chic of the Week donning Stephanie with her patriotic look, and Friday Favorites celebrating with beach, sandals, patriotic manicures, sparklers, and sweet treats. Lauren Thursday at had baby showers & letter writing.

Over the last 2 years, former cast members of "The Hills" are spilling about certain things thought to be true, but were only tactics to bring in an audience. And speaking of "The Hills", isn't MTV suppose to become RetroMTV with a "Laguna Beach"/ "The Hills" morning marathon right about now, it just feels too "Awkward." without it.

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