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Lauren Conrad lists foods for top beauty

Lauren Conrad has a Tuesday 10 from today that people will find extremely helpful because it there are foods that bring out an individual's beauty. It's no secret that greasy, fried, or processed foods compromise one's beauty for worse, but a few common & uncommon plant foods can turn bad around.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Number one is purple cabbage because it reduces inflammation lowering cortisol and reducing crows feet & wrinkles, edamame builds up collagen to firm up skin making it look youthful without wrinkles. Watercress contains calcium, iron, and iodine so it can cleanse & oxygenate tissues for improved circulation and glowing skin so skin tone evens out & hair loss stops.

Next up are wild salmon filled with omega-3 fatty acids for supple skin & shiny hair, salmon too has selenium being a mineral that protects skin against UV exposure. Beets flush out the lymphatic system removing toxins making eyes brighter, and cilantro removes heavy metals which cause fat cells to enlarge making cellulite evident.

The final 4 include walnuts for keeping scalp & hair healthy and skin very resilient, tomatoes contain lycopene and are filled with vitamin c to fight aging while enhancing body's natural ability to heal damaged & irritated skin. Yogurt is the holy grail for calcium strengthening teeth, nails, and posture, and water improves the body overall as dehydration brings the body down.

Also today, ladylike laws are back again with gym etiquette like making sure gym equipment is clean so you or others don't get sick, and respecting the dress code to avoid showing off too much skin as it distracts others. What also helps is asking how gym machines or how exercise classes work, not cutting in line for equipment, and following the rules of exercise classes.

Finally, Lauren Conrad went behind the scenes with her Kohl's summer 2014 line showing off the best from this upcoming season's collection. Eating foods that improve our beauty is very essential not only for our optimal health, but for keeping our bodies out of harm's way during the summer months as it becomes hot and dangerous at times.

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