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Lauren Conrad is a 'Darling' contributor

Lauren Conrad unleashed some tasty pictures today at coming from Darling magazine where Lauren makes a guest appearance in their publishing doing something unique. Lauren says that unique thing was instead of being interviewed by Darling, Lauren wrote an article as a guest contributor with the photo shoot coming with it.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission
Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren too says Darling is an independent fashion & lifestyle magazine Lauren keeps up with all the time which Lauren is a big fan of. Lauren's article features the difference between inner beauty and outer beauty as Lauren stresses that all women must see the light on what's really important.

Lauren's photos achieve the purpose of a hipster-meets-ladylike vibe having Lauren in a black dress, white blazer & skirt with black top, and leather vest with textured gray plaid skirt plus black boots. Lauren's full report in Darling is available now just by buying a digital copy where more images from Lauren's photo shoot can be found to enjoy. too today has 7 chic must have for a mama to be including slip-on shoes, maxi dresses & tunic, J. Crew maternity minnie pant, stork-sized little black dresses, pillows, face masks, and belly butter. Plus, Lauren has beauty school in session showing off a video on the process of making an everyday curl with Lauren herself demonstrating the task.

Lauren also was able to gather up stylist, Kristin Ess & make-up artist, Amy Nadine for a day of fun Wednesday at Disneyland with Minnie Mouse joining the gang in a selfie, according to Lauren's Instagram. And Lauren told Glamour Wednesday her best date ever was on her second date with William Tell playing cards with William at the hotel bar in spite of not having an I.D. on her.

This examiner today celebrates 5 years as Lauren Conrad Examiner having the latest adventures, traveling to book signings, nightclub appearances, fashion week, NYC Coterie, and Lauren doing interviews with yours truly. The ride has been great with exciting challenges & achievements, the only thing to do is reach out farther.

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