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Lauren Conrad illustrates bikini body maintenance

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren Conrad appears to be very adament about one not falling off the wagon from a healthy plan after achieving their weight loss goal today at Summer's here, and the time is now to flaunt one's well-toned hard work, but keeping up with that countdown to summer regiment all-year-round is a whole new ball game.

The basics are Lauren's first order of business to keep weight off like one reminding themselves all the things they accomplished if the urge to overeat comes about. That's why too it's important to keep exercising regularly when getting into moments of indulgence, or even times of curve balls during busy days or weeks.

What's very important also is not to skip breakfast because the consequences are that it can become a bad everyday habit leading to weight gain if one gets very hungry during the day. Having breakfast everyday keeps body fueled, stablized, and satisfied so one is not desperate enought to go out an eat an entire pizza all by themselves.

Getting rid of old bigger clothes prevents you from falling into bad habits forcing you to buy newer & smaller clothes, and sniff out weight gain triggers from various situations that cause one to eat junk food. And the biggest motivator to maintaining bikini body is rewarding yourself every now and then either by food, or buying a bikini you've had your eye on.

Complimenting Lauren's bikini piece today are the benefits of smarter snacking brought to you by NatureBox offering up a variety of snacks like chocolate granola, sourdough cheddar pretzels, and guacamole bites. Having these snacks on tap get a busy body through the work day better, or a quick holdover until the next meal.

The moments of bad eating we all have are all too convenient as our bodies and our minds feel tired and want something yummy to keep our piece of mind. But if we all keep to our sleep habits, exercise, and water regiments, our chocolate-candy covered pretzel moments will be nothing but a seldom occurance.

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