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Lauren Conrad goes ladylike with chic

Photo Courtesy of City Talk, used with permission

Lauren Conrad put a touch of etiquette into her Chic of the Week today at going for a ladylike look to fit the summer. The idea behind this week's chic is obtaining colors in sync for spring & summer, colors that are more vibrant and bright hues that complement.

Photo Courtesy of City Talk, used with permission

Chic introduces us to Ly who achieves's goal of pale bush and hubiscus pink that are normally found in a bouquet of spring flowers. Ly successfully mixes and matches colors reflecting the season which too can be variations of pink and red brought together working in a perfect harmony.

Ly's ladylike outfit consist of pretty silk top in ballet-theatre pink, origami-inspired skirt colored in bright pink, and nude-colored clutch & shoes so outfit speaks for itself. Ly gives up more photos and detail at her blog, City Talk where Ly reveals she took shots of her ladylike outfit in Paris, France.

And it's that time of week again where Lauren presents Friday Favorites confessing too that wedding plans have put Lauren in a blur for everything else. However, Lauren still gives favorites of quickstand quotes for life, rifle wallpaper, floral infused tea party, balloon party decor, and a cat rescue.

Plus, Lauren made it on the front-page cover of Swedish magazine, Solo where Lauren gets featured in a nice little bikini, reported Thursday by LovelyLauren. Though, the bikini photo was not authentized by Solo, Lauren's white bikini did not seem to surface in any of the cover magazines Lauren's done here in the United States.

Looking outside the window here in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia (just outside of Washington, DC), this examiner realizes how even a clear blue sky can be in harmony with green lush trees. Even as the leaves changes colors to eventually fall off, it still works in harmony because that's how the earth was created by a higher power.

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