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Lauren Conrad goes blonder

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Lauren Conrad revealed her newest and latest hair creation today on her Instagram going with a brand new color for her hair, and it's blonde. Yes, Lauren already has blonde hair, but her classic blonde just got a lot more lighter going for that perfect bleached blanket babe at the beach.

Lauren's caption next to her brighter blonde looks reads "Things are getting real blonde around here..." declaring this blonde color of Lauren is now for real. For many years, Lauren's embodied variations of blonde like golden blonde, strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, and even blonde with tri-color or peach very briefly.

Believe it or not, there was a time where Lauren abandoned her iconic blonde altogether to make room for a new color craze of ombre brown. But after a few short weeks, Lauren's legacy of blonde rose again without missing a beat during its absence shining even brighter than ever.

Lauren going for real blonde may be a response to Allure who dared to call Lauren a basic b**ch, which Lauren posted Monday on Twitter. Whether this was Lauren's anger at Allure or a well-coordinated publicity between Lauren & Allure, the real blonde that's now Lauren certifies she's all about true style.

The timing between basic b**ch and real blonde on Lauren is exactly precise because Lauren plans to marry fiance, William Tell in the fall (or sooner). So as summer has already slipped into our hearts, we are all in need of a rude awakening reminding us of the big event Lauren has in store.

Don't worry, many celebrities along with Lauren Conrad have leaked a few controversial moments not to reveal truth, but to drum up attention for their big thing. And if that means Lauren becoming a true, pure, and real blonde like real milk, cream, and sugar in ice cream, then the treat is worth a taste.