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Lauren Conrad gets hands dirty with bridal bouquets

Lauren Conrad got into the business of flower arranging today at with a do-it-yourself wedding bouquet and boutonniere piece just in time for wedding season. Lauren did not go about this alone as Lauren had a friend named Caitlyn Rylander who happens to be a flower designer helping Lauren out in the process.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission
Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren decides to cover the bridal bouquet first where one should keep in mind the shape, color story, and which flowers will be center focus. Lauren's flower arrangements involve hydrangeas, feverfew, garden roses, Queen Anne's lace, scabiosa, anemones, ranunculus, silver brunia, dusty miller, chamomile, plumosa, wax flower, and fringed tulips.

Next, bridesmaid's bouquet takes center stage goes in the same direction of the bride but adds more color to separate from bride's bouquet with blue thistle in the middle. Lauren also adds wax flower & silver brunia for distinction as dusty miller & plumosa keep in tune with romantic theme.

The bride continues to have influence with boutonniere having subtle colors matching the bride's bouquet with a little touch of the bridesmaid in this hand held arrangement. The boutonniere consist of anemone, scabiosa, wax flower, and plumosa which can be all wrapped together with a fabric ribbon at the long stems.

Another do-it-yourself piece comes from today this time having to do with cute & easy do-it-yourself cake toppers for wedding cakes. These fun and sparkly decorations include washi bunting with ribbon decorations, glitter stars involving 3 gold stars, and ombre flags consisting of blue and somewhat white ribbons.

While putting together the bouquets and cake toppers for the wedding, consider the food and cake you'll be serving at the wedding which can end up being scrumptious if done right. Let's consider steak, chicken, cocktails, seafood like lobster or salmon to go along with either chocolate or strawberry cake making for a delicious wedding.

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