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Lauren Conrad gets chic with sneakers

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren Conrad turned her focus toward the feet with Chic of the Week today at giving notice to the a long-running classic called the sneaker. Out of all the shoes one has on feet from closet in a lifetime, nobody should ever go without a pair of nice comfortable sneakers for the everyday in our life.

The chic spotlight shines on Mikah who had the honor of claiming chic with sweet sneakers colored in black all around with some white around the edges. Mikah also went as far as to say her sneakers are made possible by Nike who happens to be the leader in sneakers used for running and exercise.

Mikah's sneakers are wonderfully paired with a horizontal black & white striped cropped sweater covering a long black button down blouse with red-orange coral skirt. Mikah also destroys the myth of sneakers ruining a stylish look making it possible for chic clothing to be paired with the right sneaker & color.

Mikah, Lauren, and "Chic" writer, Allison Nortion all agree that sneakers are everything to a person with their everyday habits if one cannot style day and/or night. Mikah goes into more detail with other creative ensembles at her blog, Clancyyypants with Mikah modelling the unique outfits she put together. too today brings us the Friday Favorites giving us a sun hat as the true and the original form of sunblock, and a few wedding websites to help one along the wedding planning phase. Plus, Lauren has some smiles courtesy of man's best friend, an overnight bag from "The Little Market", and cookie dough ice cream sandwiches as a new favorite desert.

No one gives enough credit to the everyday sneaker like the rest of us should, they're the holy grail of comfort when dress shoes are not in the cards of long days at work. And without the sneaker, our weight loss goals would not come to reality but only be nothing but a dream.

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