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Lauren Conrad doesn't believe in dieting


Lauren Conrad confessed today to People she is not one who considers herself a fanatic of dieting just to keep her weight low as possible. Lauren also admitted she's not too in love with the idea of spending an hour inside a gym when all Lauren does is watch the clock.

However, Lauren gets her exercise via running on the beach, going hiking, doing the kayaks, or simply just going outside to sweat off the pounds. Plus, Lauren enables herself to eat whatever she wants, but does not eat bad food in big portions, it's a matter of eating less.

Lauren's anti-gym & anti-diet way of living is so inspiring that Lauren's fiancé, William Tell has jumped on the bandwagon following Lauren's lead. William's even gotten into the act of sipping a Malibu Island Spiced drink Lauren is the spokesperson of in spite of boys never wanting a sugary drink.

And just because Lauren's not a fan of dieting, doesn't mean she abandons healthy food all together as Lauren proclaimed such evidence of that today. Lauren spent another day doing a photo shoot for LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl's as the Instagram page had a nice bowl of whole fruits catered at the shoot.

Lauren Conrad over the last 10 years has transformed her eating habits from a true consumer of junk food to eating everything in moderation with more emphasis on the healthier foods. Even during Lauren's days of high school and fashion school where junk food seemed dominant, Lauren always had a well-toned body looking beautiful every time.

And for this examiner, their methods are mixed between gym, free weights, running, biking, and bikram yoga to stay in shape every way possible. Though, yours truly confesses it can be incredibly hard to maintain diet & regular sleep schedule when visiting the folks, but this examiner makes sure they don't miss a beat with exercise.

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