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Lauren Conrad does proper wedding invites at Refinery29


Lauren Conrad gave us a sharp reminder she will soon be a married woman with a lesson on wedding invite etiquette tonight, January 16 at Refinery29.

Lauren starts by putting herself as the perfect example addressing who the wedding host are depending on if the couple and/ or parents are the ones paying for it.

Then, Lauren talks about the time of year wedding will take place mainly being in June on the second Saturday of the month, but Lauren stresses nixing a.m./ p.m. when saying time of day.

Next, one must put the address of wedding in the fullest names possible avoiding abbreviations which sending invites out according to married, unmarried, and a guest with a friend if need be.

Lauren too says nouns, commas, and periods must be utilized in a certain way, plus invitations are worded differently according to religion, and never ever mention wedding registry on an invitation.

Lauren Conrad and her marriage to William Tell will soon be fast approaching, so it's important that one follows these etiquette rules if invited to their wedding.

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