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Lauren Conrad desserts for the fourth

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren Conrad (and this examiner especially) are now in complete Fourth of July mode today as features an edible obsession of patriotic mini-pies. Sure, Independence Day food wise is all about hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, ribs, and potato salad, it's not a typical holiday where pies are on one's plate unless there's a special theme and size to those sweets.

Instagram & Lauren Conrad

So that's where Lauren comes in to solve that summer anti-sweet dilemma bringing out the bright colors of America featured in strawberry & blueberry. From here, Lauren takes her love for baking all kinds of pastries (including pies) to create full-size pie indulgence in just a 2 inch heavenly dessert.

With a few simple ingredients, and an easily detailed instruction to make patriotic pies, all that's needed now are 20 minutes of time spent in the over at 375 degrees. Compared to small desserts like fruit tarts, cannoli, fresh donuts, rum babas, and napoleons, Lauren's mini-pies can qualify as an Italian dessert (as well as an American dessert.)

Lauren too features today the 5 best after-work yoga poses one can do like downward dog, mountain pose, forward fold, cobra pose, and the butterfly pose. It's wise one keeps yoga in mind if they're obligated to sit at the computer all day, or just want a wonderful addition to their summer workout plan.

Outside of day-to-day operations, Lauren's bachelorette party revealed a little bit more details with the help of Us Magazine Friday, June 27. A source close to Lauren says there're activities in Mexico were wholesome for the most part, but Lauren's friends did try to embarrass Lauren making her wear a white bow on her head.

After a long year of dieting, exercise, brutally cold weather, and a few shots of summer on the cold side, we Americans are ready for July 4, 2014. Not only is it a day to celebrate our freedom from Great Britain, it is a day that symbolizes summer at its best with its fruits, foods, fireworks, hot weather, and many levels of having a good time.

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