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Lauren Conrad calls out 'Allure' for plain label


Lauren Conrad is mad as h*ll, and she's not gonna take it anymore as Lauren expressed on Twitter Monday after Allure magazine typecasted her as a basic b**ch. But here's the clincher, it's not the b**ch part Lauren's perturbed about, it's that horrifying label of "basic" that turned Lauren Monday into a bad one.

Allure had a feature in their pages called "Beauty and the Beat" daring to put fashion labels on the world's leading female celebrities for their questionable styles. While femmes like Kristin Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens, and Leandra Medine got nutty labels for colorful fashion choices, Allure thought the craziest Lauren had been was plain.

Yes, Lauren strives everyday of the week not be classified under the fashion police because she's got fashion to sell, Allure overall thinks Lauren's just to vanilla. Allure even went out of their way to call Lauren's styled hair just a bunch of sausage curls, if not considered a blowout.

Lauren reacted on Twitter by just putting a "haha" in her Twitter line and not taking it too seriously or thinking anything of it whatsoever. But on the next line, her reaction to sausage curls goes by saying "Sausage curls!? Really @Allure_magazine?" truly expressing how furious Lauren was at Allure.

Today, Lauren however provides a tasteful display of happiness at with an edible obsession of ice cream sandwiches made with one's favorite ice cream and 2 large cookies. Then, a Tuesday 10 about the must-follow Instagram animals doing all kinds of tricks and making various faces for the love of the camera.

It's interesting to see Allure magazine negatively sort of come at Lauren for her basic vanilla style when Allure just did a piece about her a few months ago. This can go 2 ways, either Allure feels offended Lauren called them out and cut ties with her, or it's just a publicity stunt between Allure & Lauren Conrad.

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