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Lauren Conrad brings sequin into chic

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren Conrad added a little sparkle today to her Chic of the Week at going for all things that are sequin with its gold reflective textures. Bear in mind the sequin cannot control one's entire wardrobe because July is just a mere 4 days away, so it fits in to summer pieces with little takeaway.

Let's meet a girl named Amy who dares to mix sequin and hot temperatures in the same climate together making for a stylish combination as positive attention is the only motivation here. Amy's sequin is a gold mini-blazer draped flawlessly over a pure white lace dress climaxed well with leopard print high heel sandals.

It's also said that Amy's sequin is familiar to because the sequin jacket comes from Lauren's Paper Crown collection giving Amy extra points on Lauren's team. Amy's intention was sharing these beautiful features from Paper Crown like the sequin jacket which Amy wore out for her twenty-eighth birthday.

This is not all Amy has to offer, Amy features her Chic of the Week outfit at her very own blog, Cupcakes & Couture just to the right of her website. Amy's site pretty much looks to be place taking its inspiration from Miss Lauren Conrad herself having one of Lauren's looks and additional things outside of fashion.

Also today, Lauren herself gives a week ending plate of Friday Favorites reminding us that summer is represented by one thing and one thing only, watermelon. Plus, a whole bunch of little people sitting up straight like the rest of the human race, but these little ones are what we call dogs.

Sequin can actually improve the ambience that summer brings consisting of lighter colors, and days filled with water, sand, hot dogs, and lots of water ice. Sequin best for this time of year are of lighter ones as they should be, darker sequins are best saved for fall and winter holidays, maybe a little in the spring too.

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