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Lauren Conrad brings healthy to work

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren Conrad revealed some amazing information today at about one keeping themselves in perfect health while doing time on the job 5 days a week. Managing one's health has no excuses or limitations whether one is at work, at school, and even at home as long as one commits to it.

Lauren seeks the help of contributor, Rachel Rosenbloom beginning the piece reminding us all to get in 8 glasses of water per day keeping us hydrated. Water also helps one from having headaches from dehydration, curbs hunger at times when it's really dehydration, and keeps the energy up after eating lunch.

The second big thing with a healthy work lifestyle is planning meals out ahead of time so one knows what's going into their food avoiding take-out consisting of added salt, sugar, and calories. Benefits of meals from home also are the tons of money one saves from having to buy lunch.

More work healthy ideas include having a partner in crime keep you on track with regiments, and staying accountable via lots of accurate fitness apps. Plus, it is very best for one to plan their day around their workout schedule so we don't feel the temptation of skipping a workout that day.

Also today, Lauren counters one's healthy work efforts providing an edible obsession with a recipe of making a sweet treat called homemade churros with yummy ingredients. With the churros, Lauren has several dipping sauces like caramel, chocolate, Nutella, and white chocolate after those churros come right out of the frying pan.

The one thing this examiner realized when losing weight is that work, home (in Virginia), and sometimes New York, NY are the biggest havens to working out, eating right, and getting in the water. It's those trips made home to Philadelphia, PA that have to be kept a strong eye on as eating & sleeping can go array (no matter how much working out is done.)

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