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Lauren Conrad and the love of running

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad, used with permission

Lauren Conrad and her lovely team at today gave us a few reasons why running can be the choice of exercise for good health. However, if one chooses to run they must take precautions first so one does not end up with a bad injury or moments of agony while hitting the concrete.

The Lauren team stresses first that running comes with practice like working out in the gym on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, and weight training to build up one's body. And one must land on the balls of their feet instead of their heels to prevent injury later on, this examiner too recommends shopping for a good running shoe to take on the impact.

Next, it's very important one starts out in baby steps with running to prevent unnecessary discomfort during something as simple as a 3 mile run. In the initial running stages, throw in a little bit of periodic walking because your body needs to get use to long stretches of fast movement.

And when one finally decides to make running their way to lose weight, outside running is the best because it allows to mind to focus on other things and not so much on time it takes. Along the way, downloading some good club music and popular song remixes with a few apps make the run even more a pleasure than it seems.

During a run along the trail, one may come up with the idea of having a picnic on the grass as Lauren writes today about ways to packing the perfect picnic. Planning a picnic comes down to finding the perfect spot, food, gear, guests, and extras so one's afternoon picnic with friends or evening with a significant other goes without a hitch.

This examiner adds that having a good night sleep (7 to 8 hours) along with a fulfilling diet of mostly the right foods make one's run a great moment out of their entire day. So great that this examiner can go as long as 2 and a half hours running along Kelly Drive in Philadelphia, PA, or the Mount Vernon trail in Alexandria, VA/ Washington, DC (but not that long every day.)

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