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Lauren Berger has done it again...

Intern Queen Lauren Berger book launch
Intern Queen Lauren Berger book launch
Lauren Berger

It's here Lauren Berger's second book release "Welcome To The Real World" launches on April 22, 2014. This is not only the go- to- book for career advice but also, the book you wished you had after graduation. A tremendous help for a young person or seasoned worker in the work force.

Points Most Enjoyed:
- Personal Rules for Success (Examples: Rule #1 Confidence is King, Rule #2 Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Rule #3 Learn to Love Rejection, Seriously)
- How to Stay Organized, Prioritize Everything, and Maximize Your Potential at your first, second, or third job
- Networking Rules (How to Stay in touch, How To Find a Mentor, How to Network both Internally & Externally)
- How to Deal with Difficult Bosses and/or Co-Workers
- How to Handle Mess-Ups at Work (You burned a bridge, your boss is screaming at you, people are speaking negatively about you, you sent an email to the wrong person, you sent your boss to the wrong address)
- How to handle asking for raises and promotions AND how to handle NOT getting the raises and promotions that you want
- How to channel your inner entrepreneur within a corporate environment
- How to manage your time at work so that you don’t always feel “so busy”
- How to control your spending and personal finances during your first job
- Work/Life Balance – How to make sure you are taking care of yourself and having a good time during that first job experience

"Welcome to the Real World," by Lauren Berger "The Intern Queen" is on sale 4/22/14! Pre-order your copy of the essential book every workplace rookie needs today!

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