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Lauren Bacall dog left $10,000 in will: Actress leaves family one final request

Lauren Bacall loved her little dog Sophie, which was evident in her will that was revealed after the iconic actress’s death last week. Bacall died at 89 with an estate worth $26.6 million, in which $10,000 of that money is to go for the care of her beloved dog Sophie, according to the New York Daily News on Aug. 23.

Lauren Bacall wasn't allowed to have a dog as a child, as an adult she always seemed to have a four-legged friend. She is seen here in the '50s with her dog.
YouTube screen shot

It appears that Bacall was always a dog lover, through her 89 years she was often captured in a picture with her dog. Above is a picture of Bacall at home in the '50s with her dog from that era. Sophie the Papillion was her best friend at the time of her death. She loved that dog, even bringing Sophie with her to the set of the movie "Birth" ten years ago. She starred as Nicole Kidman's mother in that movie.

Bacall was generous to those around her leaving two of her employees thousands each and her grandsons each received $250,000. Bacall’s bequest to Sophie will go to her youngest son so he can care for the dog she loved so much, reports the Telegraph.

The remaining money and property of her estate was split between her three children, Leslie Bogart, Stephen Humphrey Bogart and Sam Robards, who will be the one to care for Sophie. Bacall’s will also directed that the money her late husband Humphrey Bogart left to her in a trust fund also be divided between her three children.

Her kids were named the executives of her estate, passing all her royalties and likeness rights onto them. Bacall did leave one final request to her children, asking that “certain” personal letters, writings, diaries and other memorabilia papers be kept private.

Bacall’s love story with Humphrey Bogart was iconic, it is even referred to in a pop song back in 1981, "Key Largo" in a verse about “Bogie and Bacall.” She met Bogart on the set of the first movie they did together, “To Have and Have Not.” She was just 19 and Bogart was much older, but the romance bloomed and the two married a year later.

They had two children together and remained married until Bogart’s death in 1957. Bacall dated Frank Sinatra for a while, but married once more to actor Jason Robards and the two had a son together. That rocky marriage lasted eight years ending in divorce.

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