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Laundry shooter teen turns himself in (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Laundry shooter teen turns himself in (Part 2)
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An earlier report says that, according to a family friend, Justice Toliver had accidentally bleached her brother's clothing.

Recently, the two siblings had been fighting a lot.

Their cousin said that Justice lived quite a stressful life, what with "going to work, taking care of her baby and looking after (the) grandmother."

But Mario's surrender was not a quick one after he ran away. It took hours of police work before Toliver gave himself up, says ABC 7 Local. During that time, police spent hours talking with Mario's family and his friends.

CBS reports:

"The elder Toliver appealed to his son to turn himself in Thursday night. “Please call me son, I love you, we all love you,” he said. “We know it was an accident, a mistake, s— happens. You’re 14, you’ve got a long life ahead of you son.”"

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Source: ABC Local

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