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Launch your new career for 2013

Launch your new career for 2013
Launch your new career for 2013
Happy New Year

As 2013 approaches many people are thinking about whether they should stay in their particular job or look for other opportunities. People have choices today and if you find that your current position does not provide you the personal satisfaction while having a balanced life then you are ready to start a new search.

Some of the key things to focus on include:

1. Make a concrete decision that you are ready to embark on a new career and commit to your goals.

2. Give yourself time to prepare for your new search and do not get frustrated if it takes a little longer then expected. Finding the right fit takes research and dedication.

3. Develop an accomplished based resume which provides the reader all the pertinent data to showcase your talents and what you can do for the prospective employer.

4. Create a list of potential companies you are interested in and design a marketing strategy to target your key contacts.

5. Establish profiles on popular sites that are in your field and receive email alerts of positions.

6. Enroll in and create a profile to promote your credentials. Join groups in your field, add at least 50 contacts and create a marketing campaign alerting your key contacts on your goals.

7. Be bold about promoting yourself and network with professional organizations to meet potential contacts.

8. Recruit a coach to assist you in practicing interviewing techniques.

9. Interview several recruiters and select a professional who has your best interest not theirs.

10. Give yourself credit for knowing that you deserve a better opportunity and not settling for less.

It takes courage to make a career change and hard work. If you need further advice you may contact for further information.

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