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Laughter may boost your mental health

The concept that the feel good experience of laughter may actually be good for your mind is refreshing. Laughter may improve short term memory and recall among older adults according to a new study out of Loma Linda University in Southern California reported Doctor's Health Press on April 28, 2014. Therefore laughter not only feels good and creates a positive memory, it may also boost mental health.

Laughter is good medicine
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Researchers had a test group of healthy adults spend time watching 20 minutes of uninterrupted humorous video. The control group was told to simply relax for 20 minutes with no video. After these sessions memory tests and saliva samples were recorded in order to monitor memory and hormones. The researchers observed people who watched the funny videos displayed much better memories and were able to recall more of the recent past. The funny video watchers also had lowered amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol, present in their saliva.

According to the researchers just getting 20 minutes daily of quality laughter is a great way to improve memory, lower stress, and actually improve your overall quality of life. Discovering any way to improve memory and lower stress is valuable, so it's really a good idea to find time for a laugh daily. Memory is significantly improved when a person has less stress and humor appears to lower cortisol, lower blood pressure, and improve overall mood. Also, laughter releases endorphins which sends dopamine to the brain in order to create a sense of satisfaction, pleasure, and reward.

Laughter yoga and laughter wellness are extremely significant and useful in the field of mental health because they help break apart the cycle of psychological negativity that we sometimes tend to fall into reports the American School of Laughter Yoga. People who laugh easily and often have better self esteem and a much more positive outlook on life. Also, laughter is actually a survival skill that relieves tension. Overall laughter may therefore offer an effective and fun natural mental health remedy.

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