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Laughing Winds, a retreat for the healing arts

The Land at Laughing Winds
The Land at Laughing Winds
Courtesy of Laughing Winds

Not far from Huntsville lies a quietly quaint retreat for anyone needing a quick recharge of the organic batteries.

From Nashville, drive west for forty minutes. Get off at that generic exit that has the gas station and mechanic shop. Take the back road for another fifteen minutes or so, until it turns into a dirt road. Roll down the windows and listen to the silent countryside. Pass the cow pasture and say hello. Pass the dead end sign and keep going. Pass the no trespassing sign, no worries. Climb the hill and arrive at Laughing Winds.

Laughing winds is a retreat center that focuses on the healing arts and personal development. With a couple of horses, a donkey, a few chickens, an herb garden, several dogs and a few cats, the property is far from lacking natural wildlife. Tucked away, virtually hidden within the Appalachian foothills and the Piney River running alongside, the land is far from lacking Spirit.

The healing arts express the power of belief. Many of the workshops focus on examining, breaking, and recreating our belief systems to better serve us through this growing postmodern age. Most of us might think, “I can’t walk on coals!” Or, “It’s too hot!” Or, “This is too difficult!” It can be a very liberating experience to transcend these thoughts and prove that we are all capable of much greater potential than we had previously imagined.

A sweat lodge is located on the property. Many locals in the area are experienced with the Native American tradition and visit from time to time to lead a ceremony. A soothing space for yoga holds workshops to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into natural alignment. Toltec workshops help you connect with your inner world in order to better live in the outer.

For more information, including a comprehensive schedule of events, go to or call 615-446-4594.



  • Regina Garson -- Exploring Huntsville Examiner 5 years ago

    Good write-up. I never heard of the place, nor did I have a clue we had anything like it close by.

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