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Laughing Duck Digital Pond, Thom Dickerson's new Astoria Photography Studio

Photographs of Thom Dickerson, photographer and owner of Laughing Duck Digital Pond Studio in Astoria, Oregon.
Photographs of Thom Dickerson, photographer and owner of Laughing Duck Digital Pond Studio in Astoria, Oregon.
Catherine Al-Meten, photographer

Local photographer, Thom Dickerson, is familiar to many of us as an outstanding photographer whose personable demeanor is as charming as his photographs are striking. Dickerson has moved his studio from the Big Red building to his newest digs at 120, Suite 2 on 10th Street in downtown Astoria.

Thom Dickerson, photographer
Catherine Al-Meten

Open in the new location since April, the Laughing Duck Digital Pond Studio is now where Thom runs his booming photography business. A supporter of other local artists, including local photographers, Thom is now focused on making his new studio a place where “I keep the doors open, and make people aware of what I do here.” He says he believes that keeping the doors open in the evenings is essential to bringing people into the gallery, and other businesses as well. To do this, he is getting others involved, and will begin featuring other local artists and their work beginning in July, 2014. Dickerson feels it is essential for keeping the gallery ‘fresh and diverse’, and for continuing to support the his vision for art in Astoria. Dickerson, along with photographer, Catherine Al-Meten, will also participate together in this year’s Astoria Artists’ Studio Tour in July. Each month he hopes to feature one or two other local artists at Laughing Duck Digital Pond Studio.

On June 12, at the Second Saturday Art Walk, Dickerson’s show, People Who Fly…Differently will feature 10 images of Fantasy Faeries (some of whom you will probably recognize from the community). The Second Saturday reception and exhibit is from 5:00-8:00 P.M.. Not limited to photography, Dickerson’s exhibit this summer, “Waterways” will feature Pastels and chalk study in color, light, and prism with some amazing underwater pieces. Dickerson and his wife, Susan Dickerson, are avid scuba divers, and Thom has done some beautiful underwater photography and been inspired to paint and draw as well. Some pieces will be featured in a special exhibit entitled, “La mer, de otra monde”. Dickerson is also inspired and supported by Susan, who he describes as a person who “sees things that I may have overlooked…She has a good practical sense about what works.”

Dickerson has a degree in Graphic Communications from UCSF, with a focus and years of experience in Medical Education Photography. One who went through the digital revolution that has witnessed many changes in photography, Dickerson describes himself as a ‘purist’ who likes to use digital tools “like we used to in the darkroom” to create outstanding commercial photography, portraiture, and fine art photography. With a background in graphic design, marketing, and photography, and years of creating marketing for businesses, Dickerson says he enjoys the marketing end of his work because, “the coolest part is getting to know all the companies, and all the interesting people”.

A commercial photographer, business owner, marketing professional, and fine arts photographer, Thom Dickerson has a vision for not only his own art and business, but for the community of Astoria. He believes the best is still to come, and says of art and photography in particular, “You can do something new every time. There’s no limit to what you can do with your imagination.” Take some time to stop by Thom’s studio, and see what has come from his imagination. He has the ability to capture the essence and mystical voice of whomever or what his subject is.

Dickerson also has hopes of turning his studio into a place where arts and photographic education can take place. He is a great raconteur, and will regale you with stories about some of his very interesting experiences with photography and those like Graham Nash and Doug Kirkland who were two who got the digital revolution in photography going. Visit the Laughing Duck Digital Pond website, and learn more about photographer, Thom Dickerson.

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