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Laughable: Obama Regime calls Putin 'weak'

As Russian President Vladimir Putin makes moves to reassemble the old Soviet Union, a this time asserting influence of Ukraine, the Obama Regime issues meaningless “warnings” to Putin and says the Russian president is weak, not our grossly incompetent and ineffective president. The notion is downright laughable.

Obama Regime says Putin is weak, not Obama
Photo by The White House/Getty Images

CNS News reports, “A senior administration official took issue with a reporter’s suggestion Sunday that the Ukraine crisis has left President Obama with “a credibility problem around the world with other foreign leaders, and particularly very strong ones like [Russian President] Vladimir Putin.””

Putin rolls the tanks in Ukraine and all Obama can do is issue another meaningless warning, drawing another red line he won't stand behind, and one can only imagine Putin laughing at Obama. What is Obama going to do, to stand behind his newest red line, fire spitballs at Putin?

“The premise of your question is that [Putin] is strong and the president of the United States is weak, when, in fact, he is not acting from a position of strength right now,” the official told the reporter, Fox News’ James Rosen, “He is acting from a position of having lost the government that they backed in Kiev and made a play to move in to Crimea, a piece of Ukraine, and being met with international condemnation.”

Barack Obama has not credibility around the world, and he's viewed as a joke. He has been thoroughly out-classed at every level by Putin, showing up Obama for the incompetent and inept foreign policy president that he truly is. Elections have consequences, maybe voters will think about this next time and elect a president who is actually qualified for the job.

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