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Laugh it up at North Park's Finest City Improv

Improv theater in North Park: Finest City Improv
Improv theater in North Park: Finest City Improv

“Selfie” was considered one of the most annoying words of 2013, and I would have to agree. I also believe ‘hipster” would have to rank up there as well. North Park, one of my favorite San Diego neighborhoods, has been dubbed “hipster” by enough people to make me have a gag reflex whenever I hear it as a description.

Some people use the word as a status ranking, while others use the it condescendingly to look upon with disdain on those in skinny jeans and Converse sneakers. Rather than “hipster” I’d like to consider North Park to be “neighborhood-y.” True, not quite a real word and definitely more cumbersome to say in casual conversation, but there are hidden gems in NP that helps make "neighborhood-y" seem like the perfect fit.

One of these tucked away gems is Finest City Improv wrapped around the corner as an appendage to the beautiful Lafayette Hotel. A friend introduced me to this intimate comedy club when a friend of hers from Second City in Chicago was in town for a guest appearance. The room itself is small, but the space inviting rather than awkward being in such close quarters. They've got booze with a strong pour for mixed drinks, and a menu with items that go beyond chicken fingers and taquitos, which is what one (at least I) might expect.

Budding comedians or those who just think themselves funny can improve upon their jokes and timing by signing up for a class or workshop. They even have a drop-in workshop every Thursday for $10, which I have thought about trying, because really, you can't be laughed out of an improv workshop...can you?

Next month they will be host to the San Diego Improv Festival which will take place February 14-16. Scratch the standard dinner and a movie for your Valentine’s Day plans, and get in on being neighborhood-y in North Park.