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Laugh Boston presents PAX East 'Magic: The Gathering show'

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If you're in Boston, Mass. for PAX East this weekend and love "Magic: The Gathering" then you might get a few chuckles out of the "Magic: The Gathering Show" being presented right next door to the convention center at Laugh Boston on April 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

This unique comedy show follows a battle between two wizards, and attendees can influence the outcome by bringing their cards with them. Check out the full description:

You are a witness to one of the greatest battles of sorcery ever seen. Two wizards are bent on destroying each other because of an ancient grudge—perhaps an email flame war? They enlist creatures of good—angels, elves, passers-by— and creatures of evil—goblins, trolls, tax collectors—and battle one another in winner-takes-all duel. The wizards call on elements of fire, water, earth, and air, drawing lethal power from all around them, and from little cardboard cards! And behold! COMEDY GOLD!

Currently concluding an 8 week run through April 18 at ImprovBoston, Magic: The Gathering: The Show combines improv comedy nerdery with regular old nerdery. Watch and help shape the action (bring your own cards!) as two wizards and a team of misfit fantasy junkies improvise a comedy battle for supremacy of the stage in… Magic: The Gathering: The Show!

Tickets are available online for $10.

Your's truly will be checking it out to see if the jokes are of the common or mythic rare variety, so if you decide to drop by make sure to say hi. Those who can't make it can read our impressions later this week.

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