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Laugh at yourself

Dating can be stressful enough, but when something goes wrong it can feel like you crashed and burned with no chance of survival. While it is impossible to prevent the unexpected from intruding on a date, there is a way to manage the situation so that the date is not ruined.

Laughing at yourself can quickly re-route the situation from awkward and embarrassing to a memory the two of you will share throughout the entire relationship. Some accidents just cannot be avoided, so when they happen just shake it off and have a good laugh. This will show your date that you are easy going and relaxed, which allows them to relax. Laughing, besides sneezing, is one of the most contagious human actions, so do not be offended if your date laughs with you.

Being able to laugh off the small things is a desirable trait for any person. No one wants to feel like they can never laugh at a good mishap every now and then. Presenting yourself right off the bat as a relaxed individual that can enjoy life and all of the aggravating, embarrassing, or just plain bizarre situations that may arise will leave your date wanting to enjoy YOU more, and that is, after all, the goal of a good date.  


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