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Laugh at Hollywood

America produces around four hundred movies a year. This is nothing in comparison to India, who produces more than eight hundred films yearly. Hollywood is producing sequels, prequels, in-betweenquels; indie films, animated features, comedies, action, drama, romance, you name it, they are making it. It’s easy to take our Hollywood opinions seriously, especially if you’ve got a soft spot for film making. Everyone is a critic and we can take our love for the silver screen a little too seriously resulting in some heated discussion about why Batman is the best superhero or how Jack could have totally fit on that stupid door. However, there are times when you’re looking for a laugh at the expense of Hollywood, the cause for so much of our fangirl (or boy) pain. So here are some great sites that aren’t afraid to say what everyone is thinking about the movies we love and hate.

How it Should Have Ended was founded my animators Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson. It’s a website and Youtube channel devoted to how our favorite movies should have ended. We’re all thinking it; HISHE just took it a step further. Their tagline says it all, ‘sometimes movies don’t end the way we’d like’. So, whether you’re sore about the Matrix, Desolation of Smaug, or Ghostbusters – How it Should Have Ended will help appease you (or at least make you laugh).

Honest Trailers is a Youtube channel that takes a popular movie and strips them until nothing but the brass tacks remain. Suddenly you are hit with a moment of clarity, “Of course!” you think to yourself as you are guided through the themes of the movie. “Someone else gets it!” you cheer with delight! Yes, take heart. America hasn’t been left to the tweeny-bops, not just yet. There are still some like-minded people who think like you do.

Bad Lip Reading is a Youtube channel that will seriously have you rolling. If you haven’t checked it out, do it now, especially if you are a Twilight hater. Bad Lip Reading doesn’t just end with movies – they mess with your favorite TV shows as well. They also aren’t prejudice against the NFL, presidential debates, music videos, and interviews. It will leave you wondering what you have that you can dub over with your clever, witty phrases.

So take a break from the seriousness of Hollywood. The Academy Awards are over! The winners were announced! It's time to unwind before we dive into the grand season of Summer releases. Because, let's face it, we're all pretty excited for the new round of movies to hit theaters.

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